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Templepeople12The Ram’s Horn is the official publication of Temple B’rith Shalom, a Reform synagogue in Prescott, Arizona. Its purpose is to inform and educate the congregation on topics of local concern and interest. It features a monthly calendar and schedule of services, member news as well as articles about Jewish customs, holidays, rituals, life-cycle events and books of interest.

October 2019 Ram’s Horn
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Click here to see the temple calendar for October 2019.

September 2019 Ram’s Horn
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Click here to see the temple calendar for September 2019.


gust 2019.


The Ram’s Horn is distributed to members and advertisers at no additional cost to them. Subscriptions for non-members are $18.00 per year.

Past Issues

You may download issues from the prior year of the Ram’s Horn here. Please note that the file you are downloading is large and may take a while to retrieve. Download speed depends on both the speed of your own internet connection and also the server where the temple files are stored. Also, you need to have the free Adobe Reader program installed on your computer to download and view these files.

August 2019 (PDF downloadable file.)
July 2019 (PDF downloadable file.)
June 2019
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May 2019
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April 2019 (PDF downloadable file.)
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February 2019 (PDF downloadable file.)
January 2019 (PDF downloadable file.)
December 2018 (PDF downloadable file.)
November 2018 (PDF downloadable file.)

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